• forest management planning and plans
  • forestland mapping and custom wildland mapping
  • wildlife management planning
  • wildlife surveys and services
  • timber sale establishment and administration
  • timber appraisals, timber trespass appraisals
  • surveys of flora, invasive plants, forest structure
  • property corner recovery, inventory and assessment
  • environmental impact studies
  • natural history trainings and field sessions
  • woodland acquisition
  • recreation planning and development
  • trail and road design
  • conservation easements: planning and negotiation
  • forest estate planning
  • forest and woodland timber inventory
SFC Client Forest: Private Ownership in Big Snow Country near Iron Belt, WI
  • SFC Client Forest: Private Ownership in Big Snow Country near Iron Belt, WI


Jan 16, 2020
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Dark Skies of Rural Woodlands Provide Excellent Viewing Opportunities.
Dec 31, 2019
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Scientists' Top Pick for Best Solution to Climate Emergency: Trees.

At Sylvania Forest Consultants

the way we see it, there are no ordinary forests. In the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan and northern Wisconsin, whether privately or publicly held, all woodlands are unique and important. Our mission is to work with landowners or land managers of these forests, large and small, to protect water quality; conserve wildlife and flora; enhance wildlife habitat; sustain soil productivity; harvest wood products; and provide for carbon sequestration via thriving, abundant forests. We are absolutely committed to the goal of long-term and stable ownership of these woodlands by achieving for the forest landowner a steady and consistent stream of income, in perpetuity, on which they can depend.