Mar 18, 2018

Woodland Conservation Success Story

Wisconsin DNR officials this week announced that five Chippewa hunters and five non-Indian Wisconsin resident hunters will participate this fall in a special bulls-only hunt of elk near Clam Lake. After more than 22 years of elk re-introduction and management, this elk northern herd is projected to reach over 200 animals in 2018, including a large proportion of bulls. The elk advisory committee which determined the harvest quota for the year includes DNR biologists; the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation; the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission; the Ho-Chunk Nation; the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation; Jackson County Forest and Parks; the Wisconsin Conservation Congress; the US Forest Service and the Wisconsin Bowhunters Association. The elk season will be open from October 13 to November 11 and December 13-21 and will take place in the area of the Clam Lake elk herd in the forests of Bayfield County, Ashland County and Price County.