May 24, 2017

Area White-tailed Deer Herd Recovering

The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board voted this week to reduce the number of Wisconsin counties involved in Buck-only deer hunts this coming fall. For the fourth year in a row, several counties in the northern part of the state will have Buck-only deer hunts in order to allow the herd to recover and repopulate after the devastating winter of 2013-2014 when the herd was greatly reduced by severe winter weather. In the UP of Michigan it was estimated that 60% of the deer were wiped out by the extremely cold conditions of that year. This year only four counties (down from many more) will have Buck-only hunts: Ashland, Iron, Vilas and part of Eau Claire. According to DNR officials, that the number of counties involved in the Buck-only hunt has dropped steadly over the past three winters is a result of the herd slowly but steadily recovering in numbers and health.