Mar 1, 2017


Although the astrological spring arrives on the 20th of the month, meterological spring arrived more than three weeks earlier than usual in many places across the US including our own region. Unusually early nature sightings across our area in the last week of February reported by the Wisconsin Outdoor Report included: painted turtles sunbathing; leopard frogs calling; big brown bats in flight; eastern comma butterflies active and sightings of honeybees, grasshoppers and the first ticks. The report noted also that maple sap was running even as far north as the shore of Lake Superior. A black bear was seen outside its den and a young bear was reported walking through farm fields near Antigo, WI in the third week of February. Because of the early spring conditions, hundreds of logging operations across the area were abruptly shut down the second week of February when road weight restrictions went into effect. While a colder and snowier winter was predicted for this 2016-2017 season, in fact the winter was another very mild one.