Aug 15, 2016

Summer of Big Storms

A number of unusually strong storms affected our area in the months of July and August causing severe damage in many areas that came from torrential rains, tornadoes, high winds and severe flooding. The Gogebic Range and surrounding areas experienced a 1,000-year storm incident that claimed lives, destroyed Saxon Harbor, closed Hwy 2, Hwy 13, Hwy 63 and many other local roads.  A few days later the area was hit hard again with tornadic winds, heavy rain and severe conditions that knocked out power to nearly 20,000 people. Frequent rains and heavy storms continued into August. In one 36-hour period recently, areas of Gogebic County received more than 4 inches of rain from a storm that seemed more like an autumn storm that might hit the Great Lakes Area: it developed quickly, moved slowly and unleashed torrents of rain. By the end of the second week of August many areas here had already received more precipitation than they normally receive annually. Looking ahead for the coming winter in this area, the Farmer's Almanac is calling for a return to cold winter conditions with lots of snow expected.